Candidacy Status

Policies Related to Candidacy Status

SUBJECT        5.00     Application for Optional Candidacy Status
POLICY           As of July 2010, emerging programs have the option to apply for Candidacy status through the AC-PE prior to submitting a self-study for initial accreditation.  Candidacy status begins with the program’s submission of application materials and the application fee.  Candidacy status ends when the program has submitted its self-study for initial accreditation OR three (3) years after application for Candidacy has been made, whichever comes first.  Application for Candidacy status should be made before students are admitted into the program.

SUBJECT        5.01     Candidacy Status Consultation
POLICY           After a program has been accepted by the AC-PE for Candidacy, the Chair of the AC-PE will work with the program until it is time for the program to be site visited.

SUBJECT        5.02     Candidacy Consult Visit
POLICY           Candidacy status requires a preliminary consult visit by an individual assigned by the AC-PE, prior to student acceptance.

SUBJECT        5.03     Program Changes During Candidacy Status
POLICY           Programs must notify the AC-PE of any changes made in the program during candidacy status.

SUBJECT        5.04     Memorandum of Understanding
POLICY           Programs applying for Candidacy status must require students to sign a memorandum of understanding stating acknowledgment that candidacy status does not guarantee accreditation.

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