Message to Current Students and Graduates

The AC-PE evaluates perfusion program to determine the program’s compliag2993nce with national standards.  Part of the evaluation process requires the perfusion program to collect information related to Graduate and Employer satisfaction.


Approximately 6-12 months following graduation, you should receive a GRADUATE SURVEY from the perfusion program you attended.  The timing of the survey allows you to work in the field for a short time and reflect back on the education you received, noting strengths and area for improvement.  Graduate feedback helps programs improve the quality of education they are offering.  Additionally,  programs are required to report graduate satisfaction data to the AC-PE on an annual basis, and must show they are making appropriate changes if concerns are identified.

Please be sure to complete your survey and return to the program promptly!

In addition, your employer should receive an EMPLOYER SURVEY from the perfusion program at which you graduated, approximately 6-12 months following graduation. Again, the purpose of the survey is to provide feedback to the perfusion program and assist in identifying both strengths and areas needing improvement. Programs are also required to report employer satisfaction data to the AC-PE on an annual basis.

Please encourage your employer to complete and return the survey to the program!