Responsibilities of Sponsor Representatives

CAAHEP’s structure requires that all sponsoring organizations of the AC-PE must also sponsor CAAHEP.  Participation at the AC-PE level cannot take place without participation and support at the CAAHEP level.

Participation/duties at the AC-PE level

Each AC-PE sponsoring organization appoints two (2) representatives to the AC-PE.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Attend and participate in AC-PE annual meeting;
  2. Attend and participate in 2-3 conference call meetings per year, as needed;
  3. Participate in the evaluation and revision of the Standards and Guidelines used in evaluating educational programs;
  4. Participate in the evaluation and review of self-studies and/or annual reports submitted by perfusion programs for review/accreditation;
  5. Participate in recommending means by which the sponsors may favorably influence the quality and availability of education, as a service to the public and profession; and
  6. Participate in ad-hoc committees, as needed, to meet the changes occurring in the health care professions and accreditation.

Participation/duties at the CAAHEP level

Each AC-PE sponsoring organization appoints one individual to serve as its Commissioner to CAAHEP.  It is helpful if the sponsoring organization chooses one of its AC-PE representatives to serve as the CAAHEP Commissioner.  Commissioner responsibilities include:

  1. Approve the bylaws, mission, and vision statements of CAAHEP;
  2. Determine which health sciences professions are to be recognized by CAAHEP;
  3. Monitor the development of accreditation standards.

Many of these responsibilities are carried out at CAAHEP;s annual meeting, which takes place in April each year.  Additionally, CAAHEP’s Board of Directors is elected from the Commission, so all Commissioners are eligible to run for the CAAHEP Board of Directors.