Outcomes Publications Requirements

Standards section V.A.4. Publications and Disclosures states,

The sponsor must maintain, and make available to the public, current and consistent summary information about student/graduate  achievement that includes the results of one or more of the outcomes assessments required in these Standards.

The AC-PE approved a policy, according to CAAHEP directives/guidelines, requiring programs to make available to the public their 3-year averaged job (positive) placement result.
1. Job (positive) placement means that the graduate is employed full or part-time in a related field and/or continuing his/her education, and/or serving in the military.
2. Placement must be within one year of graduation.
3. Results published by programs must be consistent with data/information reported in Annual Reports to the AC-PE.

Since 2015 is the current, active reporting year, programs should make available to the public the 3-year averaged job (positive) placement results for 2012-2014 graduates.

The preferred method for making this information available to the public is for programs to publish the information on its website.
Programs that don’t post information on their websites must provide detailed information on how the information is made available to the public.
-Programs can choose to publicize additional outcomes at their discretion, but must minimally publicize the 3-year averaged job (positive) placement result.