COVID-19 Statement

Updated 3/23/2020
As a follow-up to the recent statement surrounding the developments related to COVID-19, the AC-PE would like to touch base with programs as they continue to make adjustments to education delivered to students.  All programs have the common goal to prepare competent entry-level perfusionists in the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains.  The Standards require specific curriculum content, as well as competency documentation for all students. While we realize that recent events have made it difficult for some students to complete traditional clinical cases, it is the expectation that programs still meet all Standards.  We realize that methods used to meet Standards may be adjusted, but it is imperative that student knowledge and competency are not compromised in the process of making modifications to educational experiences.  For students that still have not met minimum case requirements, programs might consider use of simulation, case scenarios, remote viewing via video, role play, or case videos.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the AC-PE office.  Our continued thoughts and support are with you all during this trying time.  Your work and dedication are greatly appreciated!

Below is a link to a page providing most recent guidance provided by the United States Department of Education, other pertinent federal agencies, and some accrediting bodies, as of March 20, 2020.

Higher Ed Resources


Posted 3/16/2020
CAAHEP-accredited perfusion programs are in the process of planning and making decisions on how best to respond to the impact of COVID-19.  The AC-PE acknowledges that college/hospital administration and local health officials are best prepared to evaluate the local situation, and supports decisions made by institutions and programs in determining how best to proceed with delivery of education to students, with regard to student enrollment policies.  This may include use of virtual technology and online learning, extending student learning, or utilizing alternate clinical placements.

There is no need to submit any paperwork to the AC-PE about changes made at this time, however this may be requested at a future date.

Please be sure to keep the following:

  • Documentation of the plan implemented by the institution/program, including modifications made to didactic, laboratory, and/or clinical delivery; and
  • Documentation for each individual student whose progress was affected, including any modifications or extensions provided.

The AC-PE will cooperate with partner organizations to support the programs through this time.  The AC-PE office will continue to operate and is here to assist with any concerns that arise.